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Reznor's CAUA gas-fired, upflow, blower-type, power-vented, separated combustion heaters are available in six sizes ranging from 150,000 to 400,000 BTUH gas input for use with either natural or propane gas.  The model CAUA line of heaters is design-certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) for installation in the U.S. and Canada.


  • Perfect for tight mechanical rooms
  • Replace the practice of "Twinning" two residential furnaces with a single Supply for gas, electric power, supply & return duct plenums and venting
  • Provides more capacity for heat and can introduce outside air for makeup air to the space.



Wärmeleistung ( MBH )

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Luftvolumenstrom ( CFM )

Wirkungsgrad bei Vollast ( Bruto )

Standard Features:

  • Orifices for natural gas
  • Centrifugal blower
  • Burner rack with in shot burners
  • Direct ignition with 100% lockout
  • Single-stage combination gas valve
  • 230/1/60 supply voltage
  • 230 volt, open/dripproof, direct-drive blower motor with internal overload protection
  • Tubular aluminized steel heat exchanger
  • High temperature limit control
  • Pressure switch to verify vent flow
  • Integrated circuit board with LED diagnostic indicator light
  • 24-volt control voltage transformer
  • Insulated indoor cabinet with return airflow from bottom to top
  • Vertical discharge outlet with duct flange
  • Corner indicators to allow the installer to customize location of the return air opening (either rear, right side, leftside, or bottom)
  • Front service access
  • Choice of power-vented, separated-combustion or power vented only installation

Options /Accessories - Factory Installed:

  • Discharge plenum
  • Orifices for propane gas
  • Orifices for high altitude (2001-9000 ft)
  • Tubular stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Two-stage combination gas valve
  • Adjustable belt drives for up to 2.0" ESP with open dripproof, totally enclosed, or premium efficiency motor
  • 208 single phase supply voltage
  • 208/230/460/575 three phase supply voltage

Options /Accessories - Field Installed:

  • Model ACU cased cooling coil
  • Horizontal or vertical concentric adapter combustion air/vent kit
  • Inlet air base
  • Filter cabinet with 2" filters (assembly required)
  • Mixing box with damper(s) with selection of actuators and controls with or without filters (factory assembled)
  • Thermostat
  • Thermostat guard
  • Vibration isolation (Rubber in shear)
  • Vent cap
  • Manual gas valve
  • Gas conversion kits

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Split System Marketing Catalog
Split Systems Marketing Catalog
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Comp Edge: The advantages of Model CAUA over twinned residential units for light commercial applications
Competitive Edge: The advantages of Model CAUA over twinned residential units for light commercial applications
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General Product Brochure
Overview brochure covering the Reznor product line.
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Technische Daten
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Technische Daten

Catalog - Vertical Split System
Vertical split system catalog for Model CAUA
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Wartung / Installation
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Wartung / Installation

Unit Installation Manual - CAUA
Installation manual for Model CAUA
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2.1 MB
Parts Manuals - CAUA - Parts Manual
Parts manual for Models CAUA, ACUA, ACUB, & ACUC
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1.5 MB
Option - Installation - ACU - Cased Cooling Coil Installations
Installation instructions for optional cased cooling coils for Model CAUA - Model ACUA, ACUB, ACUC
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418.8 kB
Option - Installation - Filter Cabinet Instructions - Model CAUA
Installation instructions for optional filter cabinet for Model CAUA
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1,011.6 kB
Option - Installation - Mixing Box Installation - Model CAUA
Instruction manual for installing optional outside air mixing box for Model CAUA
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240.0 kB
Option - Installation - Discharge Plenum Installation - Model CAUA
Installation instructions for optional discharge air plenum for Model CAUA.
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371.1 kB
Option - Installation - Inlet Air Base Installation Manual - Model CAUA
Installation manual for installing optional inlet air mounting base for Model CAUA
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145.3 kB
Option - Installation - Vent/Combustion Air Kits Installation
Instructions for installing vertical or horizontal vent/combustion air kits for separated combustion
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304.5 kB
Parts Manuals - Functional Replacement Fan/Blower Controls and Limit Controls
 Parts manual for functional replacement fan/blower controls and limit controls
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322.8 kB
Option - Installation - Burner Condensate Drain Kit - CAUA
Instructions for installing burner condensate drain for Model CAUA
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250.4 kB
Conversion Info - Gas Conversion Kit - Model CAUA
Convert Model CAUA from natural gas to propane or from propane to natural gas
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241.0 kB
Parts Manuals - Replacement Ignition System and Gas Valves
Replacement ignition system and gas valves by serial number code and Maxitrol system components by serial number suffix
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964.6 kB
Field Service - Damper Motor Replacement Kit
Replacement kit for discontinued damper motors
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440.0 kB
Option - Installation - Valve Kit - M8, U8, U9
Replacement kit for propane valve with serial number code M8, U8, or U9
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127.1 kB
Operation - Model CAUA
Operation, maintenance and service manual for Model CAUA
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748.8 kB
Field Service - Direct Spark Ignition Controller Replacement Kit
Instructions for DSI controller replacement kit for Model CAUA
Datei herunterladen
497.9 kB
Option - Installation - Valve Kit - M6
Replacement kit for natural gas valve with code M6
Datei herunterladen
120.5 kB
Field Service - Replacement of Discontinued Relays
Installation for kits designed to replace relays no longer available from suppliers. Applies to all Reznor units using obsolete relays.
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340.4 kB
Unité manuel d'installation - CAUA
Installation: Générateurs d’air chaud intérieurs à gaz ventilé mécaniquement, vertical (flux montant), modèle CAUA
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2.8 MB
Opération - Modèle CAUA
Opération, entretien et réparation - modèle CAUA Générateurs d’air chaud intérieurs à gaz ventilé mécaniquement, vertical (flux montant)
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Warranty Statement
Reznor equipment limited warranty statement
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