Reznor's PCDV units are indirect-fired/makeup air systems designed for either indoor or outdoor installation. Units can be configured for: floor mount, outdoor pad mount, rooftop or suspended installations. A wide range of discharge configurations are possible including: top, bottom or horizontal discharge supply air. Model PCDV systems are available to operate on either natural gas, propane or fuel oil.

Larger sizes are available on special order basis (contact your Reznor Representative for more more information) High cfm version (Model HPCDV) are also available.

Model PCDV and HPCDV meet ETL (ANSI) standards for installation in the United States and CGA (CSA) standards for installation in Canada.

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  • All units are factory wired, piped and test fired.
  • Single wall cabinet (with interior 22 gauge liner on burner section)
  • Gray enamel finish on 18 gauge Galvaneal cabinet construction
  • 1" thick 1.5 lb. neoprene coated fiberglass insulation
  • Natural gas operation
  • 409 stainless steel primary and secondary heat exchangers
  • Gravity vent exhaust
  • 230/1/60 supply voltage
  • Burner manifold meets ETL (ANSI) or CGA (CSA) standards
  • 6:1 turndown ratio modulating power burner

Factory Installed Options:

  • 22 gauge solid or perforated interior cabinet metal liner on blower, filter, mixing box, or inlet plenum sections.
  • Special material cabinet coating
  • 1" thick high density (2 lb.) or 2" thick cabinet insulation
  • UL Listed or CGA Certified
  • Propane or fuel oil operation
  • Power vent exhaust
  • 304 stainless steel primary and secondary heat exchangers (or 304 primary with a 409 secondary stainless steel heat exchanger)
  • 208/3/60, 230/3/60, 460/3/60, or 575/3/60 supply voltages
  • Vibration isolation
    • 1" deflection motor/blower
    • spring vibration isolation
    • 2" deflection motor/blower
    • spring vibration isolation
    • Motor/blower rubber-inshear
    • isolation
    • 1" external spring isolation
    • under unit channel base
    • 2" external spring isolation
    • under unit channel base
    • Seismic isolation, pad type
    • External spring hangers -1" deflection
    • External spring hangers - 2" deflection
    • Seismic isolation, hanger type
  • Left or right hand controls
  • Extended lube lines
  • Top, bottom or horizontal supply discharge air
  • Two position motorized discharge air shutoff damper, spring return (also available with low leak airfoil type dampers)
  • Outdoor units
  • Weatherhousing covers the control section on outdoor units
  • Manifold meets IRI and/or FM requirements
  • 15:1 turndown ratio modulating burner
  • UV flame supervision
  • Unit mounted discharge temperature sensor
  • Premium efficiency ODP motors or TEFC motors
  • Variable frequency drive
  • Convenience outlet

Field Installed Options:

  • Service Platform
  • Discharge air attachments
    • Trapezoidal, 3 facet cowl with horizontal louvers (also available with double deflection louvers)
    • 4-sided (360 deg.) louvered discharge plenum
    • 90 deg. or 45 deg. louvered nozzles
  • 3 foot or 5 foot stand for vertical indoor units
    • Screened mounting stand
    • Insulated stand with one or two flanged inlet air openings
    • Insulated stand with one or two inlet openings with dampers
  • Filter section (with 2" permanent or pleated filters)
    • Flat filter rack
    • V-bank filter rack
  • Mixing box with 3-position motorized dampers.
  • Louvered inlet plenum (for outdoor units)
  • DX or chilled water coil for downstream installation
  • Evaporative cooling module>
    • Available with stainless steel cabinet
    • 12" thick Glasdek or Celdek media
    • 1" or 2" aluminum mesh, washable filters
    • Louvered inlet or screened inlet hood
    • Fill and drain options
  • Steam or hot water coil cabinet
  • Gas pressure safety switch
  • Adjustable freezestat
  • Post and/or pre-purge timer
  • 16" or 26" roof curb
  • Remote Console
  • Raintight safety disconnect switch


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