Case Study : Bespoke Solution for East Midlands Airport

East Midlands Airport invested in a bespoke system that effectively warms the interior while counteracting the influx of cold air when the doors are opened. Also using Novojet air distribution nozzle systems. It is Large volume building and required a constant 20°C maintained temperature. East Midlands Airport had for years coped with inadequate heaters to meet the requirements of the building, which is why they called on the experience of Reznor UK to design a bespoke system solving all their concerns.

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Product News : Courts Save with Condensing Heaters

Courts invested in Reznor’s ceiling-mounted warm air condensing heaters; H30067B, which resulted in 30 per cent energy savings, therefore were then installed in 30 stores. The company has always operated a thorough energy efficiency programme so was vital that they found a heating system that minimised energy usage. Reznor's choice in heating systems was in line with the company ethos as it reduced their heating and lighting overhead to half the industry average whilst still maintaining the same level of comfort.

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Case Study : Chamberlain Plastic Shine with Reznor

Chamberlain Plastics invested in Reznor’s EuroPak 2095-29 to gain optimum air quality whilst being economical in operation. Chamberlain Plastics were quite specific in their requirements for a new heating system so understandably sought a company renowned for high efficiency and bespoke products. Reznor UK attained exactly what was specified and even further savings are expected to be achieved.

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Case Study : Reznor Creates a Warm Glow at St Giles-in-the-Fields

St Giles-in-the-Fields Church invested in Reznor’s EuroPak PV 2095-20 gas-fired warm air heater, complete with supply air fan as they required a engineered solution using the existing ductwork whilst being quiet in operation - this was essential.

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