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Reznor's UEAS ultra high efficiency, gas-fired separated combustion unit heaters are available in 4 sizes ranging from 130,000 to 310,000 BTUH gas input. Heaters are designed for up to 93% thermal efficiency and are approved for installation in the United States and Canada by ETL.




Heating Range ( MBH )

Airflow Range ( CFM )

Heating Efficiency ( Gross )

Standard Features

  • Up to 93% Thermal efficient
  • 50-60 degree F Rise range
  • Arranged for use with natural gas (propane conversion kit included with unit)
  • NEW Tcore3   409 stainless steel heat exchanger
  • NEW patented Tcore single burner combustion system including a one-piece burner assembly
  • NEW extruded aluminum secondary heat exchanger (patent pending)
  • 115/1/60 Supply voltage
  • 115 Volt open fan motor with internal overload protection
  • Transformer for 24-volt controls
  • Integrated circuit board with diagnostic indicator lights
  • Multi-try direct ignition with 100% lockout
  • Fan relay (included on the circuit board)
  • Single-stage natural gas valve (field adjustable for operation to 10,000 ft. [3,000 meters] elevation)
  • Vibration/noise isolated fan motor
  • Sealed control compartment houses all electrical components
  • 48 frame, ball bearing, PSC venter motor
  • 4-point Suspension
  • Built-in disconnect switch (20A @ 115V Rating)
  • External terminal strip for 24-volt wiring
  • Sealed junction box for supply wiring
  • External gas connection
  • Fully gasketed door panel with safety door switch
  • Full fan guard ~ engineered for safety
  • Improved cabinet design with less visible hardware and a NEW Reznor appearance
Optional Features
  • Totally enclosed fan motor (115 V only)


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Unit Heater Marketing Catalog
Unit Heater Marketing Catalog
Download File
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Comp Edge: Model UEAS is the most recent generation in high efficiency unit heaters
Competitive Edge: Model UEAS is only the most recent generation in high efficiency unit heaters, with a track record of more than 25 years
Download File
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Comp Edge: With over 70 years of production, Reznor Unit Heaters are the proven leader in the industry
Comp Edge: With over 70 years of production, Reznor Unit Heaters are the proven leader in the industry
Download File
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Comp Edge: The V3 Series heritage
Competitive Edge: The V3 Series have more innovations and technological advances because they are produced by the Number One manufacutrer in the world
Download File
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Energy Edge: The high fuel efficiency, Model UEAS can save the end user on their heating bill and earn LEED points for the Engineer
Energy Edge: Because of the high fuel efficiency, Model UEAS can save the end user on their heating bill and earn LEED points for the Engineer
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Energy Edge: Condensing Gas Heating (90%+ Efficient)
No matter what region you are in North America, Heating makes up the majority of the average building energy usage. By using Reznor condensing gas heating equipment (over 90% fuel efficient), you can make a big impact on the overall utility bills.
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Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & VRF Product Line
Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & VRF Product Line Sheet
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Technical Data
4 Files

Technical Data

Catalog - Unit Heater
Unit heater catalog
Download File
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Tech Spec - UEAS
Description, options, & dimensions for Model UEAS
Download File
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Submittal - Options - Unit Heater
Options available for gas fired unit heaters
Download File
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Submittal - Separated Combustion
Separated combustion technical information
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Unit Installation Manual - UEAS
UEAS Installation Manual
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Parts Manual - Model UEAS
UEAS Parts Manual
Download File
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Conversion Info - UEAS Ignition Conversion
Ignition conversion kit instructions for Model UEAS units built before March 2013
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Option - Installation - Multiple Heater Control Installation
Installation instructions for multiple heater control system
Download File
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Option - Installation - Vent/Combustion Air Kits Installation
Instructions for installing vertical or horizontal vent/combustion air kits for separated combustion
Download File
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Option - Installation - Vertical Louvers - V3 Series
Assembly instructions for vertical louvers for Models UDAP, UDAS, UDBP, & UDBS
Download File
202.6 kB
Option - Installation - Thermostat Bracket (Unit Mounted) Assembly
Instructions for installing a unit mounted thermostat bracket
Download File
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Option - Installation - Downturn Nozzles - V3
Assembly instructions for downturn nozzles for Models UDAP, UDAS, UDBP, UDBS, & UEAS
Download File
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Parts Manuals - Functional Replacement Fan/Blower Controls and Limit Controls
 Parts manual for functional replacement fan/blower controls and limit controls
Download File
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Field Service - Replacement of Discontinued Relays
Installation for kits designed to replace relays no longer available from suppliers. Applies to all Reznor units using obsolete relays.
Download File
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Other Files
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Other Files

Warranty Statement
Reznor equipment limited warranty statement
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Case Study : Reznor High Efficiency Unit Heater Cuts Natural Gas Usage 24%

Reznor high efficiency unit heaters saved warehouse owner 24% on their annual heating bill.