Noticias de Productos : PREEVA - Air handling to your measure!

The Reznor brand PREEVA air handling units for heating, ventilation and cooling can be installed indoors or outdoors. An optional cooling coil allows the application of a chiller, condensing unit or even a heat pump. Heat recovery is one of the many other energy saving possibilities.

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Noticias de Productos : The total solution for heating, cooling and ventilation

The PREEVA + PUHY has been designed as a standalone installation combining the proven versatility of an air handling unit with the highest efficiencies of a variable refrigerant flow heat pump, and without an additional heating energy source.

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Noticias Corporativas : Reznor Europe: 125 years of experience in warm air heating

Originally an American manufacturer of gas fired heaters, Reznor has also been serving the European market from its facility in Menen, Belgium for 50 years. "Meanwhile we continue to extend our product range with more high efficiency products that use renewable energy” says new General Manager Chris Grammens.

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Case Study : A fresh start with Reznor heat pumps

RVB is a leading manufacturer of taps since 1935. Recently the need arose for RVB to move premises to a brand new production facility in Brussels. Reznor's HVAC solutions were selected to deliver a customized, energy efficient heating and cooling system. State of the art heat pumps and gas fired units provide maximum year round comfort at an optimized operational cost.

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