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Find out why Reznor is the easy choice in VRF systems.


Model BDFA**AK is part of the VRF line of heat pump systems. The system can be installed above a drop ceiling for quiet efficient year-round comfort. This model provides  many other features including seven fan speeds, and auto operation. A wired or wireless remote makes controlling this unit a breeze.

Rango Calefacción ( MBH )

Rango de refrigeración ( Ton )

Rango de Flujo de Aire ( CFM )

Length Range ( Inch )

Sound Range (Typical Install) ( dB )

Real Savings

  • Low initial investment
  • Lower operating cost
  • Less installation space required

Heat Pump System

Quiet Operation

Intelligent Condensate Pump

  • Can pump water up to 3-1/2 feet vertically
  • Condensate drains from several units can be combined for easy installation

DC Inverter Motor for Improved Electrical Efficiency

Remote Controller

  • Wireless controller (standard)
  • Wired controller (optional)
  • Both controllers can be used together

Air Filter

  • Air purifier can absorb dust, and pollen

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Flyer - VRF
Overview of VRF line of equipment.
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Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & VRF Product Line
Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & VRF Product Line Sheet
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Servicio / Instalación
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Servicio / Instalación

Unit Installation Manual - Model BDFA**AK
Installation manual for VRF, Fresh Air Processing Unit, Model BDFA**AK
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Field Service - Replacement of Discontinued Relays
Installation for kits designed to replace relays no longer available from suppliers. Applies to all Reznor units using obsolete relays.
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Warranty Statement
Reznor equipment limited warranty statement
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