Prodotti Destratificatori AEB




Reznor's AEB indirect fired units are designed for indoor or outdoor installation in industrial and commercial buildings where air turnover (destratification) is desired. By capturing and recirculating the hot air trapped at the ceiling level, and then forcing it back into the work area, additional energy use can be avoided, dramatically reducing both installed cost and operating cost.Model AEB units offer a complete range of sizes for air handling capacities from 3,250 to 150,000 CFM and heating outputs from 200,000 to 6,000,000 BTUH.

In addition to natural gas, LP and fuel oil, Model AEB can be fitted for steam, hot water or electric coils for heating. For outdoor units an interior trapezoidal shaped discharge section can be provided to distribute air inside the building.

Air turnover units are ideal for large open space heating, cooling, ventilation and filtration requirements. Air turnover units are also very effective at controlling humidity levels in a space.

Application Examples:

  • Manufacturing, distribution, warehouse facilities, steel, pharmaceutical, food and merchandise storage facilities. 

Exterior Details:

  • Constructed of a welded structural iron frame, primed with an epoxy rust inhibitor
  • Cabinet is constructed of G90, 18 gauge metal
  • An industrial alkyd enamel gray finish is applied
  • For outdoor units, epoxy finishes or custom coloring can be selected to match a building exterior
  • Hinged access doors with stainless steel piano hinges, compression latches and safety switches make easy fan and motor access


  • Uniform space temperatures
    • Uniform space temperatures provide more comfort and reduced building stratification. Heat loss and fuel consumption are reduced to a minimum with even space temperatures.
  • Reduced operating costs
    • The highly efficient propeller fan provides the lowest electrical consumption to distribute air throughout a building. Outside air is not required for operation, the air turnover unit can recirculate up to 100% space air.
  • Lower installation costs
    • Base mounted air turnover units relatively simple to stack and wire. The units do not have to be hung or supported and do not require ductwork to be cut through the roof.
  • Rapid temperature recovery
    • Air turnover units constantly circulate large volumes of air providing rapid response to temperatures deviating from a set-point.
  • Outstanding indoor air quality (IAQ)
    • Air is constantly rotated throughout the building to prevent stagnation.

Capacità di riscaldamento ( MBH )

Campo di raffreddamento ( MBH )

Campo di portata d'aria ( CFM )

Rendimento termico (carico massimo) ( Gross )

Factory Installed Options:

  • Electric, hot water or steam heating coils
  • Sealed combustion
  • Induced draft blower
  • Factory Mutual (FM) or Industrial Risk Insurers (IRI) gas train with hydraulic shut-off valve and controls
  • On/off, two stage or full modulation burner forced draft burner
  • TEFC, high efficiency or two-speed motors
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Nema 4 or 12 control enclosure
  • Remote control enclosure
  • 10 point circuit analyzer
  • Return and/or discharge smoke detector(s)
  • Sound attenuation
  • Vibration isolation; Spring or Rubber-In-Shear
  • Special materials of construction
    • Custom paint color
  • Sound attenuation is optional on all AC Series units.
  • Two inch thick insulation with perforated liner in top of discharge section
  • Heating unit have expanded metal screens on discharge, grilles
  • Sound attenuation package:
  • Low leak aluminum airfoil dampers operated with direct drive actuators.
  • Low leak insulated aluminum airfoil dampers designed for operation down to -40F. Blades are to be internally insulated with expanded polyurethane foam and thermally broken - the complete blade shall have an insulating factor of R-2.29 and temperature index of 55.
  • Extended grease lines
  • Automatic greasing canisters for bearings
  • Greasing canisters with pump driven microprocessor in the main control panel

Field-Installed Options:

  • Single or multiple discharge/inlet openings
  • 20% outdoor inlet opening with motorized damper
  • Full mixing box with 100% outside air capability.
    • Available with integrated modulating economizer.
  • Indoor/outdoor construction
  • Flat filters or V-Bank filter section with pleated filters and hinged access doors
  • Direct expansion or chilled water cooling coils available in blow
  • Mixing box section with motorized dampers
  • Full occupied/unoccupied seven day programmability
  • Complete temperature control packages including DDC interfacing
  • D/X cooling, chilled water, steam, hot water and electric coils
  • Seven day time clock with night stat
  • Cooling Coil Section
    • Double wall construction
    • Insulated with (1) or (2) inch thick fiberglass insulation.
    • The plenum shall feature a double sloped 304 stainless steel, 18 gauge (minimum), continuously TIG welded condensate pan with drain
    • Multiple coils shall be stacked vertically and include intermediate
    • Coils constructed of 0.020 in. minimum copper tube wall thickness
    • Minimum 0.006 in. thick aluminum sheet fins
    • Coil bypass with manual adjustment damper.
  • Discharge Section with Cooling Coil
    • Double lined with two inch thick insulation and perforated
    • Sound attenuation in discharge air section
    • Minimum 2 in. thick steel blades painted with industrial paint
    • Each blade shall be individually adjustable
    • Dual bank of airfoil type blades for vertical and horizontal air
  • Outside Air Plenum
    • Inlet plenum designed to prevent water from entering the unit.
    • Exterior wall mounted plenum color finish to match building
    • Wall mount flange with gasket runs the perimeter of the inlet
    • Inlet plenum with expanded metal
  • Integral Service Platform with Ladder
    • OSHA approved service platform for complete access to burner
    • Service platform includes 12 gauge expanded metal screen
    • Four in. high kick plate and locking chains.
    • OSHA approved ladder with hand guide rails and concrete
  • Discharge Section
    • Trapezoidal shaped discharge section shall be provided to
    • units)
    • Double lined with two inch thick insulation and perforated
    • Sound attenuation
    • Diffuser screens located on the front of the discharge
    • Single or double adjustable air double deflection airfoil type
  • Humidification Plenum
    • Internal liner constructed of minimum 22 gauge G90 galvanized
    • Humidifier mounted, wired and tested from the factory.
    • Gas to steam microprocessor control
  • Oil Mist Filtration
    • Two stages of filtration
    • Primary: flat filter back with Farr ECO four inch thich filters
    • drain pipe
    • Secondary: Two inch thick 30% efficient pleated filters

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Installation, operation and maintenance manual for PCDH, PCDV and AEB Models.
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Installation for kits designed to replace relays no longer available from suppliers. Applies to all Reznor units using obsolete relays.
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