Reznor's SC separated combustion, gas-fired duct furnaces are designed to separate their combustion air from the air in the heated space.  The separated combustion furnace is designed for use in building areas with negative pressure and/or extremely dirty or mildly corrosive atmospheres.

As the leading pioneer in separated combustion technology; these units are designed and manufactured in accordance with the ANSI definition of "separate combustion". Using outside combustion air prevents dirt, lint, dust or other contaminants in the heated space from entering the combustion zone of the furnace. 

 Note: A specially designed combustion air inlet/vent terminal assembly supplied with SC series units requires only a single-building penetration for both exhaust and combustion air.

Capacità di riscaldamento ( MBH )

Campo di portata d'aria ( CFM )

Rendimento termico (carico massimo) ( Gross )


  • Orifices for natural gas
  • Aluminized steel heat exchanger
  • Aluminized burners with a stainless steel insert
  • 115 volt supply voltage
  • 115 volt venter motor with stainless steel shaft
  • 24 volt control voltage transformer
  • Redundant single-stage combination gas valve
  • Spark-ignited intermittent safety pilot with electronic flame supervision
  • High limit safety cutout
  • Post-purge control sequence
  • Terminal block wiring
  • Fan Control
  • Side access for burners and controls (slide-out burner drawer)
  • Threaded suspension couplings (2) for 1" pipe hangers

Optional Features - Factory Installed

  • Unit equipped for propane gas
  • E-3 (409) stainless steel heat exchanger
  • 321 stainless steel heat exchanger
  • E-3 stainless steel bottom drip pan
  • E-3 (409) stainless steel burner
  • Spark-ignited intermittent safety pilot with electronic flame supervision and timed lockout
  • Two-stage gas controls
  • Electronic modulation - 50%-100% firing rate
  • Electronic modulation gas control, 20/28%-100% firing rate - not available on size 350
  • Burner air shutters (required for units equipped for propane gas)
  • 208/230/460/volt/60/1 supply voltage
  • Manifold approved to meet Illinois school code
  • High and low gas pressure switches
  • Right side controls (facing air stream)

Optional Features - Field Installed

  • Condensate drain flange kit
  • Manual shut-off valve and union
  • Room override for electronic modulation with ductstat
  • Horizontal or vertical vent terminal/combustion air assembly - installation required
  • Single-stage thermostat
  • Thermostat guard with locking cover

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Duct Heater Marketing Catalog
Duct Heater Marketing Catalog
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Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & VRF Product Line
Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & VRF Product Line Sheet
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Dati Tecnici
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Dati Tecnici

Catalog - Duct Heater
Duct heater catalog
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Servizio / Installazione
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Servizio / Installazione

Unit Installation Manual - Duct Furnace SC
Installation manual for Model SC
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1.6 MB
Parts Manuals - Separated Combustion - Parts Manual
Parts manual for Models SC & SSCBL
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2.1 MB
Field Service - Replacement Venter Motor and Mounting Plate
Instructions for assembling replacement venter motor and motor mounting plate for Models RP, RPB, RPBL, SC, & SSCBL
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361.6 kB
Option - Installation - Vent/Combustion Air Kits Installation
Instructions for installing vertical or horizontal vent/combustion air kits for separated combustion
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304.5 kB
Field Service - Replacement Gear Motor Kit
Instructions for installing replacement gear motor kit for Models SC, SSCBL, HRPD, RP, RPB & RPBL
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755.5 kB
Parts Manuals - Functional Replacement Fan/Blower Controls and Limit Controls
 Parts manual for functional replacement fan/blower controls and limit controls
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322.8 kB
Parts Manuals - Pilots - Parts manual
Functional replacement pilots
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394.4 kB
Conversion Info - High CFM Conversion - SC
High cfm conversion kit for Model SC
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359.5 kB
Parts Manuals - Replacement Ignition System and Gas Valves
Replacement ignition system and gas valves by serial number code and Maxitrol system components by serial number suffix
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1.3 MB
Conversion Info - Gas Conversion - Various Models
Gas conversion parts and instructions for various Reznor units
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1.5 MB
Field Service - Replacement Pressure Switch Kits
Replacement pressure switch kits for Models ADF, ADFH, RDF, SC, SSCBL,  and to Models RP, RPB, & RPBL manufactured in 1991 or later
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374.7 kB
Field Service - Replacment Relay Kit - PN 262375
Replacement relay kit for Reznor part number 262375, applies to all power vented units using Reznor part number 206146 time delay relay
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1.2 MB
Field Service - Ignition Control Replacement - Various Models
Ignition control replacement kit for pilot code 62, 63, 65, 66, & 84 (found in first set of digitis of serial number)
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250.4 kB
Option - Installation - Replacement for Discontinued Fan Control
Replacement kit for discontinued fan control, applies to duct furnaces and air handling systems with a Thermocore® heat exchanger
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368.5 kB
Option - Installation - Valve Kit - M8, U8, U9
Replacement kit for propane valve with serial number code M8, U8, or U9
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127.1 kB
Field Service - Repl Kits for Amplifier in Electronic Modulation
Replacement kits for Maxitrol Amplifier Options AG7, AG8, AG9
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293.8 kB
Field Service - Replacing Venter Restrictor Plate
Instructions for replacing a venter restrictor plate on a 409 stainless steel heat exchnager on Models SC, HSC, & SCA
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274.2 kB
Field Service - Replacement Relay Kit - PN 259521
Replacement relay kit for Reznor part number 259521 - applies to power vented units using Reznor part number 46233 or 259518 time delay relay
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646.2 kB
Field Service - Ignition Control Replacement - Duct Heaters
Replacement kit for ignition control for Models X and SC
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164.2 kB
Option - Installation - Valve Kit - M6
Replacement kit for natural gas valve with code M6
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120.5 kB
Option - Installation - Replacement Venter Post Purge Control
Replacement kit for discontinued venter post purge control - applies to Reznor power vented/separated combustion furnaces and air handlers manufactured before 1987
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221.3 kB
Field Service - Replacement of Discontinued Relays
Installation for kits designed to replace relays no longer available from suppliers. Applies to all Reznor units using obsolete relays.
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Unit Installation Manual - Appareil de chauffage à combustion séparée, modèle SC
Appareil de chauffage à combustion séparée, modèle SC
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Altri File
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Altri File

Warranty Statement
Reznor equipment limited warranty statement
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