Product News : AHRI Warns Consumers about Modification of Gas-Fired Appliances

The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), warns consumers about the dangers of unauthorized and unapproved altering or any gas-fired heating appliance. Manufacturers must use specific engineering and design knowledge to develop gas-fired heating appliances that operate safely and properly under a variety of conditions.

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Product News : Auto Prep Center Makes Employees Comfortable/Earns LEED Points

Spraying undercoating on hundreds of cars a day in the south Texas heat is enough to make anyone cranky. Making these employees comfortable – summer and winter – while earning LEED points.

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Product News : New Hybrid Ventilation Unit Provides Dilution Solution

The Reznor Z Series hybrid ventilation unit is the next step in the evolution of the ever changing standards of acceptable levels of indoor air quality (IAQ). This unit is the first and only one to integrate an energy recovery wheel into a dedicated heat pump system for precise ventilation and temperature control

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