Bedrijfsnieuws : Nortek Global HVAC Amalgamate Service Team

At Nortek Global HVAC delivering unbeatable customer service is an integral part of our business as we sell an extensive range of HVAC products through a network of heating contractors based in the UK to which we offer significant after sales support via our Service department.

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Bedrijfsnieuws : Supporting Future Investments

Over the past year at Nortek Global HVAC (UK) Ltd we have invested time and effort into our skills for the future program. This benefits our current employees together with encouraging the recruitment and development of new employees. We hope to provide our employees with a stable platform to develop their careers within a Global organisation and also encouraging young employees to join a business direct from education as part of an apprenticeship scheme, rather than taking the more obvious step of attending University prior to work.

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Bedrijfsnieuws : Nortek Global HVAC Belgium nv viert 400 arbeidsdagen zonder ongeval met werkverlet

Woensdag 7 juli werd bij Nortek Global HVAC Belgium nv de grens van 400 arbeidsdagen zonder ongeval met werkverlet bereikt. Er werden heel wat inspanningen geleverd om tot dit aantal dagen te komen.

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Product News : The Thermal Wheel is now seen as a highly economical form of energy saving.

Once regarded as a high cost specialist heating component for very large space applications, the thermal wheel is now seen as a highly economical form of energy saving and is rapidly becoming an integral part of larger air handling units, particularly in new buildings. Andrew Patch of Reznor UK Ltd explains.

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