Case Study : Reznor in Control at Warehousing Facility

Orion Media Marketing required a highly economical solution with minimal greenhouse gas emissions for their new single storey warehouse. M & E Contractors found the ideal solution with Reznor's Warm Air Heating Systems as they provide a reduction in overall fuel consumption resulting in the emission of Ozone depleting gases.

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Case Study : O Elliot Sweeps up with Reznor

O Elliott Ltd invested in seven suspended UPA gas-fired warm air units and three Reznor Maximizor recirculation fans were installed in the roof; the directional warmth meets needs of different areas and the horizontal flueing through walls avoids roof penetrations.

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Case Study : Norwich Union Opts for Reznor

Norwich Union invested in Eleven Reznor C4074 compact warm air unit heaters as they provide a constant 21° comfort temperature and also give a even heat distribution through racking and working areas.

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Product News : The Natural Solution for Nortel

Nortel Networks sought an alternative heating system to the costly energy inefficient original installation they were used to. Reznor UK provided them with natural gas fired warm air heaters resulting in a huge cost saving of £20,000 per annum with energy savings of over 30% after the first year.

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