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Reznor's SSCBL is a unified assembly of one, two or three separated-combustion duct furnaces and a large-capacity blower cabinet.

Sizes are available with heating capacities from 400,000 through 1,200,000 BTUH gas input.  The standard packages are heating-only systems, but factory-installed gas and inlet-air control options are available to meet makeup air or combination heating/makeup air specifications.  These systems are designed for indoor installation in areas with negative pressure and/or extremely dirty or mildly corrosive atmospheres.  All furnaces are at least 80% thermal efficient.  Model SSCBL is available for use with either natural or propane gas as specified.  All units are equipped with required limit and safety controls.

Both the separated-combustion duct furnaces and the packaged system are design-certified by the Canadian Standards Association for installation in the U.S. and Canada.

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  • Orifices for natural gas
  • Aluminized steel heat exchanger (when inlet air temperature is below 40°F or temperature rise is less than 40°F, optional stainless steel heat exchanger is recommended.)
  • Aluminized burners with a stainless steel insert
  • 208-volt power supply
  • 24-volt control transformer
  • Redundant single-stage combination gas valve
  • Intermittent spark safety pilot with electronic flame supervision
  • Fan and limit safety controls
  • Pre-wired to terminal blocks
  • Twin centrifugal blowers with adjustable belt drive
  • Galvalume steel cabinet with interlocking joint construction
  • Horizontal discharge air opening with duct flanges
  • Curb cap base with hangers for suspension
  • Blower cabinet (less optional insulation, filter rack and filters) with horizontal inlet-air opening
  • Left side controls (facing air stream)
  • 1/2" O.D. BX cable (Chicago code)

Optional Features - Factory Installed

  • Unit equipped for propane gas
  • E-3 (409) stainless steel heat exchanger
  • 321 stainless steel heat exchanger
  • E-3 (409) stainless steel burners
  • E-3 (409) stainless steel drip pan
  • Intermittent spark safety pilot with timed lockout
  • Individual single-stage gas control on each furnace section
  • Two-stage gas control on each furnace section - effective 2 to 6 stage gas control (see Gas Control Option section of printed catalog for more detailed description)
  • Electronic modulation 50%-100% turndown or 20%-100% turndown
  • Variable frequency drive with open dripproof or totally enclosed motor
  • VFD  control options
    • Soft start
    • two speed control
    • DDC signal from remote device
  • Makeup air controls/dampers
  • 208/1, 230/1, 208/3, 230/3, 460/3, 575/3 supply voltages
  • 1 HP through 20 HP open drip-proof or totally enclosed motors available (motors meet EISA specifications for efficiency)
  • Burner air shutters (required for units equipped for propane gas)
  • Firestat(s)
  • Freezestat(s)
  • Convenience outlet
  • 1/2" O.D. BX cable (Chicago code)
  • Motor starter (optional with motors having internal overload protection)
  • Downturn plenum (insulated)
  • Discharge damper, 2 position with downturn plenum
  • Blower cabinet insulation
  • Filter rack with 2" disposable, pleated or permanent filters
  • Double wall cabinet construction
  • FM, GAP manifold arrangements
  • High ambient burner cutoff
  • Gas pressure safety switches
  • Air flow proving switch
  • Right side controls (facing airstream)
  • Cooling coil cabinet with DX or chilled water coil requires special handling
  • Extended warranty on heat exchanger(s); five (5) or ten (10) years

Optional Features - Field Installed

  • Horizontal or vertical combustion-air inlet/vent terminal assembly (one per furnace section; installation requirement)
  • Remote control center
  • Disconnect switch - UL listed
  • Single-stage thermostat
  • Two-stage thermostat
  • Electronic 7-day programmable thermostat
  • Cooling coil cabinet with DX or chilled water coil (See RGBL in packaged heating outdoor category)
  • Evaporative cooling module (see evaporative cooling catalog section)


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Large Capacity Heater Marketing Catalog
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General Product Brochure
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Technische Gegevens
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Technische Gegevens

Catalog - Air Handler
Commcial air handler catalog for Models SSCBL, RPBL, RBL, & RPB
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Onderhoud / Installatie

Unit Installation Manual - SSCBL & RPBL
Installation manual for Model SSCBL & RPBL
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Parts Manuals - Separated Combustion - Parts Manual
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Field Service - Replacement Venter Motor and Mounting Plate
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Option - Installation - Vent/Combustion Air Kits Installation
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Field Service - Replacment Relay Kit - PN 262375
Replacement relay kit for Reznor part number 262375, applies to all power vented units using Reznor part number 206146 time delay relay
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Option - Installation - Valve Kit - M6
Replacement kit for natural gas valve with code M6
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Field Service - Damper Motor Replacement Kit
Replacement kit for discontinued damper motors
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Field Service - Replacement Relay Kit - PN 259521
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Option - Installation - Replacement Door Latch Kit
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Option - Installation - Replacement for Discontinued Fan Control
Replacement kit for discontinued fan control, applies to duct furnaces and air handling systems with a Thermocore® heat exchanger
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Option - Installation - Replacement Venter Post Purge Control
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Replacement kits for Maxitrol Amplifier Options AG7, AG8, AG9
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Field Service - Replacement of Discontinued Relays
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Instructions D'Installation - Modèle SSCBL et RPBL
Installation, fonctionnement et entretien concerne les systèmes de modèles SSCBL et RPBL
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