Новости о продуктах : RTU - Showcase

Reznor part of Nortek Global HVAC (UK) Ltd, Europe’s leading developer and manufacturer of energy efficient HVAC systems has developed a new range of Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps; including a packaged air conditioning unit, the RTU.

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Новости о продуктах : Reznor air curtains: the finishing touch to your heating system

Warehouses, factories, retail premises and cold rooms are all subject to the problems caused by frequently opened doors. The open door not only causes discomfort but greatly increases energy loss and, therefore, the running costs of the building. Reznor units offer a cost-effective, energy efficient solution to these problems by reducing heat loss by 80%.

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Event : Kickoff te België voor de Nederlandse markt

Op 2 september nodigde Nortek Global HVAC, producent van Reznor, de Nederlandse distributeurs en partners uit. We bespraken met ThermoNoord, Thermagas, Auerhaan en AVU hoe we aan het begin van dit verwarmingsseizoen de Nederlandse markt optimaal gaan benaderen en visibiliteit creëren voor de innovaties die we gaan lanceren.

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Новости о продуктах : Investing in Skills for the Future

Through its new Skills for the Future programme, heating and ventilation specialist Nortek Global HVAC is committed to helping young people into work

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