Case Study : 9-Month Payback on Reznor Warm Air Heating System

Unipart invested in Reznor's XD400 and XB400 gas-fired warm air heaters and Maximizor recirculation fans to ensure significant gain in relation to running efficiencies. The system provided comfortable working temperatures and achieved energy savings of 35% per year.

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Case Study : Reznor Provides Warm Welcome for Guests

The Orangery invested in Reznor's RPVE 2095 to provide cost-effective warm air heating and a fresh air ventilation system. It was imperative that the system had rapid warm-up to avoid energy wastage an was quiet in operation to ensure the guests were not disturbed.

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Case Study : Best Baaa None

The Big Sheep invested in Reznor's V3 UDSA100 systems as it provides even heat distribution, giving a constant comfort temperature of 21°C.

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Case Study : Smoke but No Fire at Thanet Fire Station

Thanet Fire Station invested in two X1030D gas-fired warm air heaters for an engineered solution. Very high temperatures were required, with no perceptible air movement and very rapid warm-up times.

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