Case Study : Novojet adds Drama to Theatre Restoration

Liverpool Olympia Theatre required a lot of modernisation to satisfy new building regulations; Reznor UK upgraded and restored the heating and ventilation systems so that building regulations were met, it was aesthetically pleasing and had effective air movement. Liverpool's Olympia Theatre invested in Reznor’s Europak RPV. as it minimised visible duct work and created effective air movement.

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Case Study : 'Joust' a Minute isn't that a Reznor Heater??

Kidz Paradise invested in Reznor’s V3 UDSA Sytems, and Air Curtains, to provide them with a constant 16°C comfort temperature and give even heat distribution.

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Case Study : IBSA Reduces their Carbon Footprint

IBSA invested in a bespoke system based around two of Reznor’s third generation UESA 055 continually condensing gas heaters and four of the company’s Maximizor 3000 heat recycling de stratification fans. They achieved energy savings of up to 15% and exceeded the ECA requirements by almost 13%. IBSA are extremely enthusiastic about reducing their carbon footprint and putting energy at the top of their list; thus why they sought help from Reznor UK, whom provided them with an energy efficient heating system that created energy savings of up to 15%, reducing their energy bills and carbon footprint simultaneously.

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Case Study : Bespoke Solution for East Midlands Airport

East Midlands Airport invested in a bespoke system that effectively warms the interior while counteracting the influx of cold air when the doors are opened. Also using Novojet air distribution nozzle systems. It is Large volume building and required a constant 20°C maintained temperature. East Midlands Airport had for years coped with inadequate heaters to meet the requirements of the building, which is why they called on the experience of Reznor UK to design a bespoke system solving all their concerns.

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