Reznor's DFCH units are direct-fired/makeup air system designed for either indoor or outdoor installation. Model DFCH is horizontally arranged. Units can be configured for floor mount, outdoor pad mount, rooftop or suspended installation.

DFCH Product Literature


Key features of the DFCH

  • Natural gas, propane
  • 208-230V/1, 208-230V/3, 460V/3, 575V/3
  • 8 different makeup air, space and discharge air controls
  • 14 or 16 gauge cabinet construction
  • Standard or high density insulation
  • Multiple configurations for inlets and discharge with dampers
  • Inlet louvers and filters
  • 5-75 hp motors
  • Variable frequency drive


The Reznor line offers a complete package of ultra high volume air handlers for horizontal applications.

  • 100% outside air
  • Mixed air control
  • Space heating

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