Reznor's OT-250 fuel tank is a 250-gallon, single wall, indoor, UL-listed fuel oil tank. Oil tanks often eliminate needed work and storage space, but the model OT-250 oil tank is designed with a work bench top that allows the tank itself to be used as a work area.

  • Painted exterior coordinating with Reznor oil-fired heaters
  • Support lefs provide convenient space for forkling handling and easy installation

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Key features of the OT

  • Construction is of 12-gauge carbon steel
  • All welded seams
  • Painted exterior coordinates with Reznor model oil-fired heaters
  • The support legs provide convenient space for forklift handling
  • Model OT-250 tank is UL listed to UL142 standard


  • 2" Supply
  • 2" Gauge
  • 2" Vent
  • 2" Emergency Vent
  • 1" Drain
  • Each port has heavy duty forged threads

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