Makeup Air and Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

Our diverse line of HVAC equipment encompasses heating, cooling and even dehumidification capabilities for both makeup air (MUA) and dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) applications. MUA systems address air problems for places with high levels of exhaust, including commercial kitchens, paint booths and labs. DOAS brings fresh air into buildings with many occupants such as schools, restaurants and bars, medical facilities and retail shops. Both Reznor’s MUA systems and DOAS provide quality air that is conditioned to meet the comfort needs of building occupants.

Featured Makeup Air and Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

Superior Hot Gas Reheat System

Unlike other reheat circuits on the market, the Reznor hot gas reheat (HGRH) circuit can operate at lower temperatures without freezing, thereby preventing loss of capacity control and poor compressor oil return.