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Upgrade includes aesthetics, additional air direction capabilities and high tech advancements to help HVAC contractors with installation, diagnostics and service.
TBCo will handle all Reznor® products in Florida and engineered products in Georgia. St. Louis, March 22, 2021 — Nortek Global HVAC (NGH), a leading manufacturer of HVAC equipment, announced Tom Barrow Company (TBCo), Atlanta, is the manufacturer’s representative for all Reznor® branded HVAC products in Florida effective Jan. 1. The agreement also calls for

HVAC Ventilation in a Post-COVID Era

When it comes to public health, fresh air is a requirement, not an option. While no HVAC ventilation system can completely prevent a virus from spreading, dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS), such as Reznor’s R7DA, provide fresh air and ventilation critical to virus mitigation.  If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that fresh air and
warehouse heating strategies
Temperature control is one of the biggest maintenance requirements of running a warehouse. Too much heat causes heat stress, which can make employees less productive. Extreme cold also has its shortcomings, including exposing employees to cold-related illnesses. Depending on the nature of the warehouse inventory, extreme heat can cause damages and hefty losses. The vast