Reznor's EEDU indoor duct furnaces, with 80% thermal efficiency, were developed to provide an annual fuel use improvement of up to 25% when compared with gravity-vented duct furnaces. The use of a factory-installed power venter, with metered combustion air, limits burner flue losses while reducing the required vent pipe size. A sealed vent product collection chamber, in lieu of a draft diverter, reduces the loss of dilution air from the room in both the on and off cycles.

EEDU Product Literature


Key features of the EEDU

  • Available for natural and LP gas
  • Thermocore® aluminized steel heat exchanger with venturi-design tubes
  • Intermittent spark pilot
  • Single-stage 24-volt gas valve
  • Aluminized steel heat exchanger
  • Aluminized steel burners with stainless steel insert
  • 120-volt supply voltage
  • Factory-installed power venter


The EEDU can be used in many markets including:

  • Commercial
  • Institutional
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Warehouse/Distribution

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