Reznor's HRPD rooftop dual duct furnaces are designed to be used in series: as the heating component in either a heating, heating/cooling or makeup air system. Each of the dual furnaces is certified for 80% thermal efficiency for use with either natural or propane gas, as specified.

HRPD Product Literature


Key features of the HRPD

  • Available for natural and LP gas
  • Integral power vent system provides metered combustion air, dilutes flue products and eliminates the need for vent caps
  • Thermocore aluminized steel heat exchanger with venturi-design tubes
  • 80% thermal efficiency
  • Aluminized steel heat exchangers (when inlet air temperature is below 40°F or temperature rise is less than 40°F, optional stainless steel heat exchanger is recommended)
  • Aluminized steel burners with stainless steel insert
  • 120-volt supply voltage


  • Eight sizes are available from 250,000 through 800,000 BTUH input.
  • Each furnace includes an integral power vent system which provides metered combustion air, dilutes flue products, and eliminates the need for vent caps.
  • The weatherized, aluminized steel cabinets are mounted on 12 gauge zinc grip rails designed for setting directly on a roof or slab surface.
  • Note: A separate blower system, such as Reznor model RBL, is required for air delivery

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