Reznor's REH (PREEVA) is the new outdoor electric heat ventilation air handler. The REH comes in four cabinet sizes featuring a total of 12 electric heat sizes to meet the ventilation needs. When matched with the controls, the air handler provides precise heating for standard room heating to 100% outside air ventilation applications.

The optional dH cooling module also provides dehumidification of 100% outside air or a mixture of outside/return air. The self-contained dedicated reheat pump provides 13-20°F reheat temperature rise from the main evaporator coil discharge. The DX cooling coils are optimized for best performance when the reheat pump is on and off. For precise control, modulating reheat can be added. A complete heating and cooling advanced digital control package is available in addition to common industry standard analog heating only and makeup air controls.

REH Product Literature


Key features of the REH

  • ETL certification
  • 20-75°F temperature rise (20° temperature rise not available on all sizes)
  • Double wall cabinet construction
  • Pre-coat white gloss cabinet finish (all units); 60 gloss minimum and RAL 9001, meets ASTM B117 specification for salt spray for 1,000 hours
  • DDC plus electro-mechanical control options
  • SCR electric heat control


The REH can be used in many markets including:

  • Retail
  • Showrooms
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Exhibition Halls
  • Hospital/Medical
  • Sports Facilities
  • Churches
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Warehouse/Distribution
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical & Biotech

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