Extended Capacity, Power-Vented, Gas Fired, Outdoor, Packaged Duct Furnaces/Blower Combination, 100,000 - 1,200,000 BTUH Input

Reznor's RPB packaged units are 80% thermal efficient, power vented, gas-fired forced air furnaces designed for installation outdoors and used with recirculating and/or makeup air warm air duct systems. These units use either natural or propane gas, as specified, in sizes from 125,000 through 400,000 BTUH gas input.

RPB Product Literature


Key features of the RPB

  • Orifices for natural gas
  • Aluminized steel heat exchanger (When inlet air temperature is below 40°F or temperature rise is less than 40°F, optional stainless steel heat exchanger is recommended)
  • Aluminized steel burners with stainless steel insert
  • 208-volt power supply
  • Evaporative Cooling is provided as an option


Reznor's high capacity air handlers are engineered to provide the best value per CFM. This is evident by the number of corporations who have chosen Reznor equipment including:

  • Automobile
  • Manufacturers
  • Aerospace Manufacturers
  • Electronics Manufacturers
  • Food and Medicine Producers

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